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Ep028 – Suffering in Silence

Guys! Stop suffering alone! I did it. I almost killed myself. It’s no way to live!

Reach out. Whether it’s to your friends, or a loved one, a therapist, or a doctor…do something. Because when you do it alone, it will only lead to more repercussions. In order to heal we must release.

If we hold on, we are going to constantly be reminded and that will only trigger feelings and emotions that will run you ragged. Don’t hold onto it any longer than you should. Cherish the good memories, the ones that made you happy, not the feelings of sadness and unwanted-ness.

I had to drop this so that we are aware. The more awareness we create, then that’s all that matters.

If you have nobody, come join the support group I run for men, helping them come out of isolation and into the light where people can see and save them. LINKS BELOW!

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Why You Should Be Joining A Divorce Support Group For Men

I always talk about why you should be constantly looking to grow, and these are one of those areas that we, men, do not have a lot of opportunities for. Finding emotional support groups for men in the divorce category are rarities. Men are only now realizing we have been bottling up our emotions for too long, but then again, there are still probably those that are reading this, and will take it to their graves. Some just will, and it’s no way to live.

I tried looking up local divorce groups in my area and I live in a pretty big city (Toronto) where we make up close to twenty percent of the population here in Canada, and there’s a whopping (you ready for it?)…one! And I’ve been to it. It’s great…if you’re looking to get legal advice. BUT not if you’re looking to grow and become a better man, a better father, and to reach new heights in your life.

And I say this out of no disrespect to the community they have built. It has its purpose. Legal advice is critical. In fact, a lot of the help that men ask for during their divorce is specifically that. I think it’s pretty frequent that people are always looking for a cheap divorce, or a do it yourself divorce, and trying to save money when times are tough and so they need that advice; it’s critical and very much needed.

I mean, a divorce attorney nowadays, it’s in their best interest to get what their client wants, and if there’s a blood sucking person at the other end filled with bitterness, revenge, and hate, you can bet your patootie that divorce lawyer will be trying to go after everything, which can complicate things.  That relationship, however, everyone seems to win. The lawyer gets paid more for elongating things, and the client leaves satisfied, usually in the favor of the mother, as is the case these days.

It’s not to say that we men, aren’t winning our battles in the courtroom. We are, it’s just, at a very sparse and steady rate.

So that’s why this process can make things really bad. It destroys the fabric of that family. It tears apart any of the wholeness that it took to create that. There are far too many cases (non-extreme) to go over and bring up where this occurs. Broken wishes, dreams, and homes everywhere. The amount of step-families have outdone normal families. It’s complete pandemonium. People are afraid to have kids, they’re afraid to get married and have big families. Things just aren’t what it used to be, except for maybe, well, the clothes…just different era. I’m just waiting to cringe when the bell bottoms come back.

Regardless, it’s basically flipping a coin nowadays, with the divorce rate hovering at about 50%.

That is why, having divorce support groups for men are critical. It’s absolutely necessary. Reading about the journey, arming yourself with knowledge, having key action steps, and then when you feel like you’re having a breakdown, the men step up for you. They offer you words of encouragement. Where else are you going to get that? It feels so much better because it’s coming from men who have walked that path already. We’ve been there. We know how it feels.

We all too often forget how easy it is to block ourselves off from emotions too, so it’s important to catch yourself and not let that happen, and let loose and be honest and vulnerable with yourself and with those around you.

It’s the only way you’re going to grow. It’s the only way you’re going to feel liberated so you can let go and start fresh.

I’m telling you, you need that, otherwise you are just throwing your life away. Your soul will carry those burdens around and it’ll imprison your happiness.

So make sure to join up. I run a divorce support group. I help men get to the next level in life. It is where we set the standards of happiness so we can bring others joy, and be of service to humanity. That is the elixir to a long life on this earth.

If you’re wanting to follow the journey make sure you are subscribed the podcast, and follow me on IG.

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Ep027 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What’s up fellas! Happy Holidays! This is the last episode of the 2017!

I hope you guys stay safe and warm, and all that good stuff and end off the year with a bang! I know what I’ll be focusing on for 2018, do you? Well if you don’t that’s cool. This is what this episode is all about.

It’s about finding your dream, your purpose, your vision. Everything in between. Personal growth and development is one of those things you should be incorporating into your life this year.

It’s helped me immensely, and it will continue to do so. Because it’s a constant journey that I  won’t be ending anytime soon.

There’s always new ideas, new concepts that we can be learning, so to say that I know it all is a huge lie.

“The greatest wisdom is not knowing”

Come join the GROUP!!

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Ep 026 – 3 Tips To A Healthy and Better You with Phoebe Wong

Phoebe Wong is a lifestyle entrepreneur, personal trainer & content creator who shares her passion for health & fitness through her social platforms. Her mission is to help others be just as “drenched in happiness” as she is, through sharing her personal journey & guiding others to do the same.
Her ultimate goal is to be of value, service and purpose trying to “healthify” each & every person she connects with. Phoebe also provides free materials through her Instagram, but works closely with clients 1 on 1 through in-person & online training as well.

Coming 2018, she has a lot of special projects on the way & is excited to reveal what she has been working on. Stay tuned!

I can’t thank Phoebe enough for coming on and dropping some wisdom and make sure  to connect with her!! (LINKS BELOW)

Phoebe’s Instagram:

Phoebe’s Blog:

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Ep 025 – Time Does NOT Heal All Wounds

What is up my dudes! Hope you all had a fantastic week. The weekend is here, and I have a really important topic I need to discuss.

I need to create awareness about this because this is the single-most horrible advice being thrown out there all too frequently. And in fact it’s the wrong advice to be giving someone in a deep and dark time in their life.

I hope you all can take this in and learn from it and not make the same mistakes that I made by waiting for things to change. Because nothing in this world will fall on your lap that easily. So be proactive about it. And actually make a step towards getting better and adding happiness and joy into your life.

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Ep024 – Picking Yourself Back Up After A Divorce with Jeff Canning

Thanks for tuning in to another episode. My very special guest today drops some very valuable information to us and I couldn’t thank him enough afterwards as he was such a good sport. He was under the weather just getting over the flu and so I felt bad. That didn’t stop Jeff though from coming on and helping out a man who’s down.

He’s happily re-married, and I got him to share his story with us!

I had so much fun recording this episode with him. I can’t wait to embark on some more conversations with the guy because he’s just so fun to be around and his smile and laugh are super contagious.

We need more men like this in our communities doing great things and creating tons of value for everyone around us. So make sure to give the entire thing a listen. He drops tons of great knowledge.

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Ep 023 – December 8 2017 Updates

What is up my dudes! Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me. I do this for you guys! I want us to grow and become better men!

Just a quickie for you guys this episode, a few reminders and announcements about what’s going on in my life and some great tips to get us through the end of the year and Christmas.

Weekly calls are going to start in the new year! If this is something of interest to you, let us know, now so we can get you on the roster!

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Ep 022- Pain, Passion, Purpose w/ Donovan McKenzie (HOAM)

What is up guys! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. We are starting the interviews back up. I have a very special guest with me today. He’s been an inspiration to me and he continues to be.

His story is amazing, and he’s got a bunch of great tips if you’re struggling with depression, sadness, pain, and how you can turn that into something big. How to find your passion and purpose through your pain.

Listen up! Tons of golden nuggets to takeaway.

How to find Donovan:
Heart of a Man (HOAM)  –
Donovan’s Story
Donovan’s Youtube
Donovan’s Instagram –

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Ep021 – Reverse Engineer Your Fear

What is up my dudes, beginning of a new month means you’re analyzing your goals, but analyzing those fears, too. And not many people do this, like I do, every month so I can make clear and concise goals.

I have a special announcement to make next week, so listen up for next week’s interview with my good friend.

Come join the group and continue the conversation there!

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