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TheHQ – Ep053 – 4 Tips to Getting Better Sleep

What’s up Guys! It’s the Easter Weekend, I know you will have some stimulating events coming up, and I wanted to make sure you guys were getting enough sleep. It’s important for our day to day functioning. I was getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night this past week, and it felt really good to get 10 hours last night.

So here’s a few tips on how to get to bed more comfortably at night, and get the sleep we need on a daily basis. 7-8 hours is the right amount of sleep.

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The HQ – Ep052 – Living an Extraodinary Life with Michael Ivanov

What’s up fellas! I’m super stoked to bring you today’s interview.  I read the book he authored and I was blown away. We get into his amazing story of how he made it to America from Soviet Russia as a political refugee, and the incredible ride he has been on since then.

I’m sure his parents had their hands full with 7 kids, including Michael, and the amazing twists and turns they had to endure while trying to make it in America.

Michael shares with us all of his successes AND the tough battles he had to endure so that he can help us deal with tricky situations. I loved his input, and I’m sure we could have gone on for hours just talking about life, and love. Much Blessings to him and his family as he just got married a few months ago, and is embarking on an incredible journey himself while he continues on with his passion.

His book, “The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life” blew my mind. SO we will be doing a giveaway in the group so a lucky winner(s) can enjoy it as well.

How to get a hold of Michael Ivanov: (


Michael’s Book : The Mount of Olives – 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life
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The HQ – Ep051 – March 23 2018 Updates

What’s up guys! Today is just a wrap up episode, and update with what’s going on with the group, and me, and so on. So I know you got ten minutes to spare, make sure you listen to the whole thing.

Gonna keep it short, sweet and simple today. Happy Fri-yay!




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FREE WEBINAR – 4 Simple Steps to Overcoming Your Divorce

Divorce, Family Law, Separation, Divorce Lawyers, Court Orders, How To File Agreements, Child Support, Alimony…Have You Just About Had It?

Look, for men, this could be a really tough time, I understand! I know what it’s like. This can truly make or break a man.

That’s why you gotta come join the free webinar that’s taking place on Wednesday March 28th at 3pm EST, 6PM EST, and 9PM EST

Make sure you save the date and go register here ->  FREE WEBINAR

What you’re going to learn is simple. It’s 4 very basic tasks. It’s how I aligned my life and my business as well. But for now, let’s learn how to grow. Let’s learn how to earn more money, and let’s get our health in tip top shape. It’s how you navigate those tough murky waters.

Sometimes we need to shake up our daily routine, and completely change it up if you want different results. Let’s be frank…the reason why you’re here is because you’re looking to overcome, heal, grow and move on with your life. Well if you’re at this point you got there because of all the habits and patterns you’ve accustomed yourself to.

So it’s time to start switching it up, and training our minds to open up new possibilities and strategies that can ultimately change your entire life.

The HQ did that for me. I completely 180’d. I was at my lowest point. I almost killed myself. Literally.

That’s why I wrote the book, that’s why I’m doing this webinar, and that’s why I want to help you get the same amount of accomplishments in your own life.

I saw that pain and it lasted so long, I didn’t want anyone to suffer for as long as I did. I’ve always obsessed with simplifying things and creating more efficient pathways that a sixth grader would understand. So I can’t wait to share it with you all on the webinar.

Make sure to register here -> FREE WEBINAR

Sign up for updates and regular check-in emails from me! Because I like to hound you to be the better versions of yourselves. I find great pride in it. I love what I do. And it doesn’t even feel like work. So get in there!

We have a Private Facebook Group for Divorce Support Questions and Answers for Men. So come search us up, follow the podcast, and make sure to stay tuned to your email. I will send all the Webinar info there!

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The HQ – Ep050 – Effective Communication in Relationships with Gina Mo

What’s up fellas! We have an awesome guest with us today. She’s an Effective Communication Coach, an Entrepreneur and she teaches people to step into their authentic true voice.

As a classically-trained opera singer, Gina Mo knows the importance of getting a message across in a way that truly moves people. All of our communication is predicated on language – whether verbal or non-verbal – and yet we often find ourselves saying one thing with language that communicates something vastly different or stumbling to find the right words. Gina Mo has a deep passion for coaching people clearly expressing their mission or story to attract and connect with their ideal clients and loved ones in a powerful and authentic way.

How to Find and connect with Gina:






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The HQ – Ep049 – Why Meditation and Mindfulness Can Help You

What’s up fellas! Happy Friday.

New episode on mindfulness and meditation and why it’s so important or beneficial to our everyday lives. I use it twice a day. Once for sure in the morning, and try to make time for a second time if I have it. WHY?

Because I’m a firm believer in it. It’s helped me control my anger and temper. I have much more meaningful and thoughtful things to say and I’m much more even keel and not bouncing all over the walls.

It keeps me grounded guys. And I’m sure you would like to know how as well. During divorce, it’s a pretty rough time, I get it. So taking the time out to heal your mind and heart inside is important. Your body will follow suit as long as you take care of everything upstairs. This is like healing for our hearts, and it’s worth a shot!



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The HQ – Ep048 – The Journey to Fail Freely with Brandon LaBella

What’s up Fellas. Happy Monday!!

We are bringing you some FIRE on today’s show. My man, Brandon, has so much great energy and he brought all of that with him and then some. Don’t be fooled by his age, the guy is way wiser beyond his years and has been to over 36 countries and counting already. He’s super passionate about what he does. He’s a soon-to-be author and his book will be available next month so make sure to follow him and see what he’s up to on his journey.

We talk about the Guinness World Record he broke while running in the NYC marathon, and his constant journey to fulfill his adventures. He’s an entrepreneur, motivator, and world traveler and is spreading all kinds of positive vibes to the world, literally.






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The HQ – Ep047 – Caring For Children of Divorce

What’s up fellas! Happy Saturday!

Today’s topic is a wrap up for the week. We had an awesome guest last Monday so if you didn’t listen to that interview make sure to go check that one out.

There’s a lot of things going on inside the mind and bodies of the children who go through divorce, and if we aren’t paying attention to them, then how are we stepping up as fathers or great men? In order for us to raise good children, we need to be that representation first in order to pass on the lineage or the wisdom.

So there’s definitely some things we aren’t thinking about when it comes to this and this episode will shed some light on that.



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The HQ – Ep046 – A Holistic Health Approach with Adam Churchill

What’s up fellas! Happy Monday!! Today i have an awesome guest lined up! His name…Adam Churchill.

He’s a trainer, motivator, an aspiring speaker and I got to ask him about his life, growing up in a divorced family, being on all sorts of medication since he was just a teenager, how psychotropic drugging is a disaster for kids and relationships and how he uses a holistic approach now to help him with his daily life. We get really into it and how it’s opened his eyes to do the work and blaze the path that he’s on now.

I can’t wait to get him back on so we can share some more of his knowledge and wisdom for you all.

How to reach Adam

BY Text : 503 – 310 8497 (Yeah he left his phone #!)
By Email :
By Facebook :

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The HQ – Ep. 045 – Trains of Thought and Chain Reactions

Happy Friday Gentlemen. I just wanted to share with you this episode a little bit about my journey with breathing, meditation, and mindfulness, and how it triggered more trains of thoughts and created a chain reaction to my self-development journey and growth.

I wanted to know how to control my anger as a man, because I had a lot of it after my divorce. I was very bitter, sarcastic, cynical and was extremely negative towards people and things.

I share with you the steps I took to avoid these pitfalls and why you should to.

Hope you enjoy this quick episode and make sure to join the Private Facebook community. (LINKS are below)

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