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Episode 105 – Million Pound Mission with Adam Schaeuble – Relationships with Rob

Adam Schaeuble, aka The PHD (previously heavy dude), is the host of the top ranked fitness podcast The Million Pound Mission. He reached a point in his life where he weighed 327lbs and was already having weight related health issues in his late twenties. He decided to overhaul his lifestyle and his fitness and ended up losing over 100lbs.

Feeling inspired, he took what he learned from his own transformation journey  and created a Bootcamp program that produced over 35,000 lbs of results in his home town of Bloomington, IN.

Now Adam has set his sights on inspiring over one million pounds of healthy results through his podcast, coaching programs, and the Million Pound Mission Bootcamp.

We takled about his relationships with his wife, his kids, and his CRAZY journey of walking over 200 miles with the Dalai Lama’s cousin.

So tune into the entire thing, it was loaded with all kinds of goodies, and it humbled me to be in this man’s presence. he’s such an awesome dude, a big old teddy bear, and he walks his talk.


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Episode 104 – Sweet Beginnings with Layra Marte – Relationships with Rob

Happy Monday my beautiful people!!

Back at it again with the interviews this week! We have such an awesome guest with us today, and she’s got a lot to share with us and is definitely keeping the conversation going over on Social Media.

So make sure to connect with Layra Marte *LINKS BELOW* and dive deep with us into this episode so you can get to know her a bit as well.

She was such a sweetheart because we had to record the last bit of the episode twice due to a glitch in the Matrix, and it ended up turning out so much better because of it!

Layra aka, the Sweet Beginner, is a New York City based Blogger, Social media influencer and big time motivator. She’s on a mission to help other influencers confidently share their voice on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Basically, you want a voice in social media land, you need to get a hold of her.

Let her know what you thought about the episode and tag her in your Instagram stories or feed so I can re-post it and show the world the love.


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Episode 102 – The Masculinity Corner with Johnny Elsasser – Relationships with Rob

What is up guys,

Today’s episode is an interesting one.  It was our first husband and wife to come on the show, and they both shared the experience So it was funny to see hear their answers about  each other, so go check out the episode we did with Taylor Simpson (Episode 099)

Today’s guest, Johnny Elsasser, Former Special Operations Ranger, turned Entrepreneur, podcast host of the show, the “Art of Masculinity” and a global ambassador for Power, Grit and Cuddles.

Johnny graces us with his presence and drops some crazy knowledge bombs for us as he shares his experiences with us and isn’t afraid to get vulnerable.

We talk about how his godfather taught him a lot of what he knows, and obviously his engagement and marriage to his wife, Taylor, and the amazing space he is offering men to step into their vulnerability.


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Episode 101 – Pain is Our Greatest Motivator with Angelo Liloc – Relationships with Rob

Angelo Liloc, Founder and CEO of Mod3rn Fitness, ex police officer turned entrepreneur and has paved a new path for himself after going through an unfortunate injury that took him off the force.

After suffering a career ending injury, he was depressed, overweight, he overused prescriptions drugs and alcohol, and he was left without an identity.

It came to a point when his wife had to help him put on and tie his shoes because he physically couldn’t bend down to do it himself. He questioned his meaning, his purpose, and his existence.

It took years before he began to eat right, exercise, and get back into that warrior mindset he credits a lot of his prior successes to.

Fitness played an important role in his successful return, but Angelo knows that it was his #faith that truly made the difference.

Join his Journey Below! (LINKS!)

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Episode 99 – A “Taylor-ed” Look at Relationships with Taylor Simpson – Relationships with Rob

Taylor is an Abundance Mindset and Online Business Building Coach for the woman who has been hiding behind her own limiting beliefs and false-‘truths’ for way too long and is finally ready to create the life she desires, fearlessly.  As someone who once dealt with an overall lack mindset and sat in deep-rooted insecurities that kept her back from shining, she is obsessed with helping women step into their purpose and own who they are un-apologetically.

As the Founder of The Money Mindset Masterclass and The Online Business Building Tribe, the host of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness Podcast and a Motivational Speaker, Taylor uses all her platforms to inspire and motivate women to realize that they are the ones in control of their reality and have the ability to re-create who they want to be at any given moment.   After studying and working with The Law of Attraction and the power of the Subconscious Mind for 4+ years, Taylor interweaves these Universe given tools throughout her teaching so her community can begin to see long-lasting results, and fast.

Link for the Business Tribe:  (closes on sunday the 20th)

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Episode 098 – Work Life Balance with Doug Morneau – Relationships with Rob

What is up you beautiful people. We are starting this week off with such an amazing and inspiring guest. There’s been a few people on this show already who have been super generous and our guest today is going to defintely keep up with the

Doug Morneau, Author, Professional Speaker, and Podcaster is the host of the the new podcast called Real Marketing Real Fast and he consults with clients wanting to expand their B2B sales in the United States using email lists,  social media, celebrity endorsements, and online advertising.

We talk about his relationship with his granddad, and how that’s been such a huge influence on him growing up. Also, the lessons he learns from him, are gold, and he gives you some real translatable advice from his  own life experiences.

We get into some entrepreneurial talk as well, as he leaves us with a little clue on how to to get his book for FREE, it’s called the Three Big Lies, the Real Truth about Renting Email Lists to Generate Targeted Leads and Sales, it’s also an International Bestseller!

His second book, which is slated to come out later this year is such an important one. It takes a deeper dive into his personal life about battling prescriptions to stay healthy and alive in life and his business too.

Doug’s advice is super actionable, and there’s no reason to start implementing it in your own life.


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Episode 097 – Are you Caring What Other People Think of You – Relationships with Rob

Happy Friday! What’s up Y’all! Back at it again with the solo round! Today’s a mix mash of an update and a topic that I want to share with you.

Take a deep dive with me into my mind just a little. It doesn’t bite, actually, I lied, it may. >=)

I got you this round, make sure you SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW the podcast. It helps a ton! Thank you!

Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to hear discussed, and/or someone you want to see interviewed on the show! Feedback is always appreciated and welcomed.


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Episode 096 – How to be a World Class Champion at Relationships with Rolando Francis

How can I describe this man in one sentence? You can’t. He’s got that much to give. And in such a good way.

Rolando Francis, Award Winning Business Coach, a Keynote Speaker and Author had stopped by the show and dropped some very valuable information to us all. I couldn’t stop at how insightful his answers actually were, and I loved his analogies.

We talked about his relationships with his mom and how it’s affected him in a positive way to create the life that he designed for himself.

Why bringing 100 percent to your relationships is the correct formula for success. Also, we got into reasons why staying true to your word is powerful, and so much more.

The best part is that he saves the best for last, so make sure to tune into the entire thing. Let him know over on Social what you thought about this episode and go give him a follow as he puts out amazing content and it’s only the beginning.

If you are in the Toronto area, it’s best to connect in person  as he hosts a lot of live events and you never know when he’s going to be in your area.


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