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Episode 095 – Nourish Your Mind and Heart with Renata Trebing – Relationships with Rob

Today’s guest is super awesome and knowledgeable in so many areas and you will be doing yourself an injustice for not listening to the whole entire episode.

Renata Trebing is a food blogger, Mom-Preneur, Recipe-Creator Extraordinaire, and just an all around wonderful soul.

She believes eating healthy food can be delicious and she’s giving the recipes away. So go follow her on social media, get her free recipe book (links below), and let her know what you thought about this episode.

We touched on so many topics including why her family was so influential into the work that she’s putting out into the universe, along with the dynamic she had with her friends growing up.

How creating a strong bond and friendship with women, has helped opened up her eyes and drag her out of her comfort zone and so much more.

She also gave us some really key tips on making her marriage a success, so tune in, share this out with a friend if it resonated with you.


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Episode 094 – 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Relationships with Rob

This is something I learned during my research phase of looking into why most relationships break down.

During this time, I realized I had access to that information, as I’ve been following Dr. John Gottman of The Gottman Institute for a long time.

There was a lecture I heard of his, and he talked about the 4 Horsemen of the Apoocalypse, and he was referring to 4 things that people do inside of a marriage or a relationship that will indicate that that relationship will either end in divorce or a break up if they continued to do these 4 things.

I think this is an important one so tune in, and let me know what you thought about the episode!

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Episode093- Heart Healthy Hustle with Jonathan Frederick – Relationships with Rob

Back at it again with the interviews, and boy do I have an awesome one lined up for you. Jonathan Frederick is inspiring souls young and old everywhere he goes, and is crushing the podcast game right now.

When you feel something about someone, you just know that they are ‘BOUT it! And if you don’t know what that means, it means they just get it.

Jonathan is an inspiring entrepreneur with a curiosity for life and I couldn’t wait to get him on here so that he can drop some knowledge for us.

Jonathan is also a fellow podcaster, so please check him out at the Heart Healthy Hustle Podcast.


Hearth Health Podcast –

Jonathan ‘s Instagram –

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Episode092 – Dads Can Too With Jesse West Sr

This episode was a long time coming and I was so pumped to sit down with a man making such a huge impact in his community.

Jesse West Sr., founder/CEO of DADS CAN TOO, an organization aimed to change the perception of men, and that they are not just all angry men.

He has a lot of support from women because they realize it’s about the children, and for them to thrive, we need to step up and change the laws in the divorce court.

We talked about why equal shared parenting is so  and having both parents is important, why the relationship with his dad was so beneficial to him and also why the little things matter, and so so much more.

Let him know what you thought about this episode on social media and here’s the links on how you can support his organization.


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Episode091 – Screw New Years Resolutions – Relationships with Rob

Why do 90% of people fail with their resolutions?

Because it’s not backed up with the one thing that’s going to fuel all of their energy to complete whatever goal it is that they want to complete.

I go into a little bit of detail here on today’s solo episode as to why you should be using this little trick to go about your year, and why I said “Screw you!” to New Years Resolutions.

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We aim to help those find the tools and and hacks to help them out of any relationship situation they may be in. It’s hard. We know. Life doesn’t come with a manual.

But we can create some rules for us to live by, so we can have the things that mean the most to us…meaningful, fruitful and loving relationships.


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Episode090 – Cup of Confidence with M. Vu – Relationships with Rob

Back at it again, and coming back with some HEAT! This episode was totally on fire, and I was super inspired by our guest today.

M. Vu., Podcaster, Speaker, Money Mindset Mentor and Dog and Chicken Mama, she is trail blazing her way to a path that she has designed all for herself and the community she serves.

Love her or hate her, she teaches women how to go from “Bitchy and Broke, to Attractive and Affluent”, and she drops some knowledge bombs off for us while we get to know her personal life.

She shares with us moments that we could reflect upon in our own lives, and how that affects us and the people we are around.

She’s a successful business owner and is happily together with her hubby who has also pushed her to new heights and shows us the importance of a synergistic relationship in order to make things work.


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Episode089 – Manifesting Your Dreams wirh Michele Joy – Relationships with Rob

Michele Joy is the founder of Miracle Mindset where she helps people tap into the power of the Universe through the Law of Attraction and become Master Manifestors.

She is also a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Happiness Coach, Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher and Law of Attraction expert and facilitator.  Her Podcast, “Law of Attraction in Action” has been heard by thousands and her video blog, “365 Days of Joy” has helped inspire many on the importance of taping into your Joy everyday.

She is the author of “Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart” and has inspired thousands through her speaking, coaching and online presence.



My upcoming event Manifest Your Soulmate Online Group coaching course:

My Meetup: Law of Attraction for Happiness

My 365 Days of Joy YouTube channel:

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My book Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart

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Episode088 – Failing with Your Best Foot Forward – Relationships with Rob

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…it’s important that we fail and make mistakes but with our best foot forward.

What the heck does that even mean?

Well it means that when and if we fail, we look at it as a lesson learned, and something we need to overcome. I bit off too much than I can chew and I let you know in this episode.

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I want to know so let’s connect. Come find me on Social Media!


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Episode087 – Honoring Yourself with Kim O’Neill – Relationships with Rob

We are launching things off just right. Totally enjoyed this conversation with Kim O’Neill. She’s got the most amazing personality and it was refreshing to be around her energy. We got pretty vulnerable as she opened up about her personal life and the valuable lessons she has learned along her journey.

Kim is an author, podcaster, coach, and speaker and has a book coming out in early 2019 so make sure to give her a follow on social media and be the first to find out when her book becomes available.

Also let us know what you guys thought about this episode!


Kim’s Coaching Site –

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How to contact me:

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