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Episode089 – Manifesting Your Dreams wirh Michele Joy – Relationships with Rob

Michele Joy is the founder of Miracle Mindset where she helps people tap into the power of the Universe through the Law of Attraction and become Master Manifestors.

She is also a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Happiness Coach, Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher and Law of Attraction expert and facilitator.  Her Podcast, “Law of Attraction in Action” has been heard by thousands and her video blog, “365 Days of Joy” has helped inspire many on the importance of taping into your Joy everyday.

She is the author of “Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart” and has inspired thousands through her speaking, coaching and online presence.



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My book Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart

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Episode088 – Failing with Your Best Foot Forward – Relationships with Rob

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…it’s important that we fail and make mistakes but with our best foot forward.

What the heck does that even mean?

Well it means that when and if we fail, we look at it as a lesson learned, and something we need to overcome. I bit off too much than I can chew and I let you know in this episode.

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Episode087 – Honoring Yourself with Kim O’Neill – Relationships with Rob

We are launching things off just right. Totally enjoyed this conversation with Kim O’Neill. She’s got the most amazing personality and it was refreshing to be around her energy. We got pretty vulnerable as she opened up about her personal life and the valuable lessons she has learned along her journey.

Kim is an author, podcaster, coach, and speaker and has a book coming out in early 2019 so make sure to give her a follow on social media and be the first to find out when her book becomes available.

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