Robin Choe

Author, Professional Speaker, and Philanthropist

Robin is the author of the upcoming book The Happiness Quadrant: Overcome Your Divorce and Become a Better Father.  He is a professional speaker, and philanthropist and is on a mission to normalize the talks about divorce between families and society’s viewpoint as well, while helping the children thrive.

He helps hundreds of divorced dads get over the mental road blocks and traps they currently put themselves in, and fights to bring them out of isolation in some of the worst case scenarios. He’s built an enormous following and is also running a free podcast to his subscribers to learn how to overcome their divorce. He interviews all people, including women and children affected by divorce, to shed some light on the different perspectives and viewpoints during a divorce.

He has a passion for kids and wants them to thrive, but the turmoils of divorce, can throw a monkey wrench into the plan, and doesn’t want the children to suffer because of it. So he starts at the root, with the parents. He currently serves as a mentor for hundreds of dads in a private community, that only grows larger and larger each day.

Robin spent a lot of his life in the corporate world, from being a licenced Real Estate Salesperson to a Jr. Accountant, but found his passion for helping people after he graduated from the School Of Greatness Academy. It led him on his mission and his purpose now, and has a fire in the pit of his stomach to serve the world on a higher level.

He went through his own divorce early on in his life, and has been away from his kids since then. He wants couples that divorce to learn CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING, a term he had discovered early on in his studies, where couples can amicably divorce without having to stay bitter, angry, or hurl hatred on the other while their kids stand in the middle and suffer.

He’s completed Brian Tracy’s 6 Figure Speaker Pro course and is actively part of his mastermind community on Facebook, and continues to speak at various events across the globe.

He also loves to teach and counsel young entrepreneurs find their passions and live a life of freedom, while continually serving everyone around him, strengthening by networking and surrounding himself with like minded individuals dedicated to growth.

In his free time, he loves to read, write and has written various E-BOOKs and GUIDEs to getting over your divorce.

WHAT People SAY…

What are People saying about me?


I’m really inspired with him. His thoughts and motivation helps me in keep going with my goals and i am really happy with your podcasts. Thanks for making our life better.


The more positive you hear, the more positive you become. And that’s what he does, He inspired me in overcoming my situation and i am much stable now. Thank you so much.


I love your podcast. I am your regular listener. I find it motivating and filled with a lot of positive vibes. Thanks Robin.

His ultimate goal is to keep the couple together. He believes that with every storm there’s a rainbow waiting to appear, yet, most couples forget or leave before it appears. He doesn’t believe in divorce, however, he realizes it’s a fact of life, and therefore is creating the bridge to help those suffering from it, get on with their lives.

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