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It’s amazing how much you can get done, when you’re ready to give back in a huge way. It took me a long time to get to this point of no return, but the journey has been perfect, to say the least.

I’ve poured as much wisdom as I could in relation to everything I’ve been through during my marriage and divorce and the hardships I faced through that time of my life. The “HQ” has given me a way to live my life happily and not be worried by things that don’t matter anymore. If it doesn’t fit in my heart it has no place in my life.

Simple as that.

It’s given me direction, clarity, purpose, and my life is filled with intention now. I get up every single day knowing what I need to do. Happiness, just like love, is an everyday action. For me, it’s a constant question in my mind.

“How can I add more happiness into my life and the lives of others?”

See how I said my life first? Well that’s the key to all of this. Some people will call it selfish, I call it self-less. Taking care of your needs first is the ultimate key to locking the potential of the “HQ”.

You can run this theory in your life without love for yourself, but I guarantee the quality of each of those areas are going to be mediocre at best. And if you’re comfortable living life like that, I pray that when some life event occurs you are prepared to handle it, because when you live life at that rate, and you get hit with an unexpected loss, divorce, death, and you’re cruising through life…

Like i said, i pray…that you are truly ready.

The HQ isn’t just an outline, but it embodies a certain mindset. This mindset is very specific in the way it needs to be in order for its truest happiness potential within the “HQ”.

For example, if you’re constantly cycling through life and making the same mistakes over and over, you’re not living in the HQ. You are outside of it. Because your mindset isn’t right.

When you begin to start challenging your old belief systems, only then will you be able to free your mind to be able to absorb new data and learn new concepts. I challenge many old belief systems because I truly believe they are flawed and it’s led us to our divorces.

When I began living my life according to different concepts that were out of my “comfort zone”, that’s when the magic really happened. My self-development journey sky-rocketed and I was able to produce better, I was able to live my life more fuller, and I was able to concentrate on the things that needed working on.

My focus became more laser. It became more crystal.

Tasks became complete as opposed to unfinished. I am healthier. I am in the best shape of my entire life. I feel re-energized every morning. I am at complete peace with the Universe and I don’t think the world hates me anymore.

Rather I understand and appreciate all of its beauty. The pain and the pleasure. I have gratitude for it all.

Now without going too woo-woo on you guys, I know there’s a harmony that can exist within you too. Every life has balance. Because the Universe is balanced.

The sun, the moon. The earth, the water. Heaven, and hell. You get the idea.

So here’s the real reason why you should buy this book. Because you love yourself. And you owe it to yourself to become better. You owe it to your kids to be the dad you always envisioned growing up. I know you thought of it at one point.

Divorce should not be the end of you, rather the rebirth of the new you. You have every ability to create your own reality and write whatever story and ending you want to live.

Believe in that ability. Do not conform to the norm, and have a say at this thing we call life on this earth. It’s inevitable that we are going to die, and rather than waste our life away, might as well make every lasting minute count. So that our souls can be at peace and be at its’ bliss point. This book will take you there, I promise.

But everyone’s journey is different, and you have to be able to search for the deeper meaning in your situation. And take that and grow. It’s all about growth. That’s the wild card.

Bring others up. Always. It’s about humanity and leaving the world a better place.

But get yourself to a point where you can help first.


Peace out.


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