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The HQ – Ep036 – Endless Cycles of Negativity

What’s up fellas! Are you guys constantly cycling through these endless cycles of negativity? Are you focused and worried on things out of your circle of influence?

Do you feel out of control because you can’t understand OTHER people’s behaviors? Well stop here, and listen to how I overcame these obstacles and why you shouldn’t cycle through life like this anymore.

We need an outlet guys. We cannot continue to bottle up our feelings. So tune in, find out how you can let go of these cycles, and why you should be aware that we are going through them. We don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

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The HQ – Ep035 – January 26 2018 Updates

What’s up Fellas! Just dropping in to let you guys in on some updates. No special topic today, just a simple old update episode telling you what’s been going on inside the group.

What to expect, what to be thinking of, and how to get involved. Action breeds results guys. Remember that. So stay on top of everything. There’s a bunch of stuff going on and I want you to take advantage of this all.

Stay tuned for the next episode gents!




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The HQ – Ep034 – Do You Need A Professional Sidekick? With Heike Lemmermohle

Thanks for tuning in this week for another awesome interview. I have an awesome guest with me here today.

Heike is a holistic health coach with a background in public health & running rescue.  She helps her clients to live the realization that they are their own healer, hero, and leader. Her heart is made of gold and you can tell she truly wants to help people. Her experience goes way back, and she’s also a certified Yogi. She helps people find that balance in their life so that they can live a life they love.

She works 1 on 1 with men and women and has had a great deal of success already with her clients. Go and check her out below.

How to get a hold of Heike (LINKS BELOW)

The best way to get a hold of her is EMAIL –


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The HQ – Ep033 – The Bitterness Check

What’s up fellas! Hope you had a fantastic week, and you’re rocking here in 2018. I am bringing to you a little unedited excerpt from my upcoming book called “The Happiness Quadrant” (Go get your copy at

It’s called the Bitterness Check, because it’s so crucial to moving on in our lives. This is sometimes the missing link to our full recovery. We wonder why at the end of our lives, if the life we had built is worth it. And it definitely won’t be if you’re still angry, bitter, or have a vengeance mindset.

Learn how to overcome these obstacles by joining in the conversation over at our Private Support Group below. So come check it out.

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The HQ – Ep032 – Looking For Love In All The RIGHT Places with Dr. Lawrence Mcnair

YES! What is up! Another interview! Are you ready?

Incredible man. Incredible Story. an even better journey and a top tier mission. This man’s heart is filled with compassion, love, and true generosity. I can’t wait for you to hear his whole entire back story, which we were unable to get through to the whole thing. But if you want to get to him more he’ll be hanging out in one of our Support Pods. So come join the group!

If you want to get a hold of the Doc, links are BELOW! Hit him up. CONNECT with him.

Instagram –
Facebook –

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Ep031 – Hitting A Wall

What’s up guys! Happy Friday! It’s almost been two weeks into the New Year. Have you guys hit a wall?

What do you do when you hit a wall? Do you retreat? Or do you find a ladder? Do you find a solution to jump over this wall to get to the next area in your life?

That’s what this episode’s about. So tune in. Listen up. If it resonates, don’t forget to leave a comment behind, Like it, Subscribe, do what you got to do to support! I appreciate it all!

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Ep 030 – How To Deal With a Bi Polar Ex Wife with Brian Eligapos

What’s up fellas! Got the first round of interviews for 2018, and it was a good one! Brian Eligapos is the author of the  book Marshmallows and Gummybears where he talks about his story and how he had to deal with his bi-polar ex wife. The trials and tribulations he learns from that is the mission he’s on to help others who may be dealing with the same thing.

We talk about a lot of topics, ranging from politics and religion and just got extremely vulnerable with each other. He talks about how he overcame his divorce, and why therapy is good for even a healthy person.

Also leaves us with a golden nugget at the end. So listen to the whole thing!

Thanks for tuning in! Leave a comment, subscribe, let us know how we’re doing!

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Brian’s Book –
Brian’s Facebook Page –

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Ep029 – Family Vs. Friends


Happy New Year Fellas! First podcast of 2018, and I hope it helps you with how you choose your family and friends this year.

Sometimes, we need to break free from the toxic relationships that are weighing us down, and that are holding us back. But how do we do that? Do we choose our friends over our family?

If you’re wondering why it’s important NOT to choose, you should definitely listen, as I give the two comparisons of why choosing and not choosing is going to be better.

So listen up, kick back, and if you’re not part of the Facebook Private Group, come join below!

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Ep028 – Suffering in Silence

Guys! Stop suffering alone! I did it. I almost killed myself. It’s no way to live!

Reach out. Whether it’s to your friends, or a loved one, a therapist, or a doctor…do something. Because when you do it alone, it will only lead to more repercussions. In order to heal we must release.

If we hold on, we are going to constantly be reminded and that will only trigger feelings and emotions that will run you ragged. Don’t hold onto it any longer than you should. Cherish the good memories, the ones that made you happy, not the feelings of sadness and unwanted-ness.

I had to drop this so that we are aware. The more awareness we create, then that’s all that matters.

If you have nobody, come join the support group I run for men, helping them come out of isolation and into the light where people can see and save them. LINKS BELOW!

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Ep027 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What’s up fellas! Happy Holidays! This is the last episode of the 2017!

I hope you guys stay safe and warm, and all that good stuff and end off the year with a bang! I know what I’ll be focusing on for 2018, do you? Well if you don’t that’s cool. This is what this episode is all about.

It’s about finding your dream, your purpose, your vision. Everything in between. Personal growth and development is one of those things you should be incorporating into your life this year.

It’s helped me immensely, and it will continue to do so. Because it’s a constant journey that I  won’t be ending anytime soon.

There’s always new ideas, new concepts that we can be learning, so to say that I know it all is a huge lie.

“The greatest wisdom is not knowing”

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