Ep024 – Picking Yourself Back Up After A Divorce with Jeff Canning

Thanks for tuning in to another episode. My very special guest today drops some very valuable information to us and I couldn’t thank him enough afterwards as he was such a good sport. He was under the weather just getting over the flu and so I felt bad. That didn’t stop Jeff though from coming on and helping out a man who’s down.

He’s happily re-married, and I got him to share his story with us!

I had so much fun recording this episode with him. I can’t wait to embark on some more conversations with the guy because he’s just so fun to be around and his smile and laugh are super contagious.

We need more men like this in our communities doing great things and creating tons of value for everyone around us. So make sure to give the entire thing a listen. He drops tons of great knowledge.

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