Ep 026 – 3 Tips To A Healthy and Better You with Phoebe Wong

Phoebe Wong is a lifestyle entrepreneur, personal trainer & content creator who shares her passion for health & fitness through her social platforms. Her mission is to help others be just as “drenched in happiness” as she is, through sharing her personal journey & guiding others to do the same.
Her ultimate goal is to be of value, service and purpose trying to “healthify” each & every person she connects with. Phoebe also provides free materials through her Instagram, but works closely with clients 1 on 1 through in-person & online training as well.

Coming 2018, she has a lot of special projects on the way & is excited to reveal what she has been working on. Stay tuned!

I can’t thank Phoebe enough for coming on and dropping some wisdom and make sure  to connect with her!! (LINKS BELOW)

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