Ep028 – Suffering in Silence

Guys! Stop suffering alone! I did it. I almost killed myself. It’s no way to live!

Reach out. Whether it’s to your friends, or a loved one, a therapist, or a doctor…do something. Because when you do it alone, it will only lead to more repercussions. In order to heal we must release.

If we hold on, we are going to constantly be reminded and that will only trigger feelings and emotions that will run you ragged. Don’t hold onto it any longer than you should. Cherish the good memories, the ones that made you happy, not the feelings of sadness and unwanted-ness.

I had to drop this so that we are aware. The more awareness we create, then that’s all that matters.

If you have nobody, come join the support group I run for men, helping them come out of isolation and into the light where people can see and save them. LINKS BELOW!

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