The HQ – Ep049 – Why Meditation and Mindfulness Can Help You

What’s up fellas! Happy Friday.

New episode on mindfulness and meditation and why it’s so important or beneficial to our everyday lives. I use it twice a day. Once for sure in the morning, and try to make time for a second time if I have it. WHY?

Because I’m a firm believer in it. It’s helped me control my anger and temper. I have much more meaningful and thoughtful things to say and I’m much more even keel and not bouncing all over the walls.

It keeps me grounded guys. And I’m sure you would like to know how as well. During divorce, it’s a pretty rough time, I get it. So taking the time out to heal your mind and heart inside is important. Your body will follow suit as long as you take care of everything upstairs. This is like healing for our hearts, and it’s worth a shot!



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