Episode090 – Cup of Confidence with M. Vu – Relationships with Rob

Back at it again, and coming back with some HEAT! This episode was totally on fire, and I was super inspired by our guest today.

M. Vu., Podcaster, Speaker, Money Mindset Mentor and Dog and Chicken Mama, she is trail blazing her way to a path that she has designed all for herself and the community she serves.

Love her or hate her, she teaches women how to go from “Bitchy and Broke, to Attractive and Affluent”, and she drops some knowledge bombs off for us while we get to know her personal life.

She shares with us moments that we could reflect upon in our own lives, and how that affects us and the people we are around.

She’s a successful business owner and is happily together with her hubby who has also pushed her to new heights and shows us the importance of a synergistic relationship in order to make things work.


Website – http://www.cupofconfidence.com/

Podcast  – http://www.cupofconfidence.com/podcast/

Mentorship – http://www.cupofconfidence.com/mentoring/

IG – https://www.instagram.com/mvuthatswho/

Private Elite Facebook Group for Women –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/yourcupofconfidence/

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