Episode 147 – Give Yourself Space with Thuy Nethongkome – Relationships with Rob

Happy Hump Day! Back at it with the interviews today and we have a special guest with us today.

Thuy Nethongkome is an asian american millennial wife,  mother to a four year old boy. By day she is a Medical Family nurse and by night she is a solo mompreneur.  She is also a content creator who inspires others to flourish and find their better self.

She builds community by being part of organizations like WOKE,  organizing campaigns in the portland area for matters that mean a lot to her.  Thuy is also a holistic life coach to women. She takes everything she has studied and learned and gives it back to empower women to find their purpose and passion.

She stands for no bullying, for a community who can rise from their past circumstances, insecurities, and weaknesses. but She also believes the world has so much more to share and most have not even scratched the surface of what they are capable of.  Her dream is to see everyone experience life through their own journey and not someone else’s so that they can rise higher and bounce back from all the trials and tribulations that one may face in life.

We talked about why health care practitioner’s feel the need to go deeper with their patients and why the mind body connection is so important. We also talked about what it’s like to be a full time nurse, and a full time entrepreneur and a mom and how balance is actually so critical to your health and the health of your relationships,  what Thuy does to ground herself and all of the amazing things she’s up to and more.


IG –  https://www.instagram.com/tweempowers/
WOKE –  https://www.instagram.com/wokepdx/

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